Listening Scripts PLUS Audio MP3: BSE English in Focus IX

Chapter 2
Practice 2

Pop Songs
Pop songs come from movies and pop composers. The songs are mainly simple music with the lyrics about love. They are played by bands in dance halls, cafe, restaurants, and the night clubs and on television. The bands consist of six to more than six persons. The boys bands are famous today. Boys bands held by Maroon 5, Ungu, Gigi, Letto and Peterpan attract a lot of people. And last but not least the programmes of Indonesian Idol and Mamamia always fascinate young and old people. They are successful because they are singers of great voices and they can perform well before an audience.
Chapter 3
Practice 12

You’re Invited!
The Costume Party 2008
Choose Your Own Character
Wear the Outfit, and Go Out for Party!
1. Imaginary character outfit must be original.
2. Your character or weapon must be unique.
3. You must have a mission.
4. You must have a name.
For further details contact us
Hana 09992434
Riko 09997326
Email figureparty@www.figurethings.com

Chapter 5
Practice 2

  • Wu Fei: What kind of job does your father do?
  • Herman: My father is a postman. He is employed by the post office to deliver letters and collect those posted in pillar boxes.
  • Wu Fei: My father is a civil servant. He works for the Ministry of Education. In fact I want to know about some postal matters. Would you tell me more about it?
  • Herman: Yeah sure, what do you want to know?
  • Wu Fei: I want to know what is meant by PO BOX?
  • Herman: PO BOX stands for Post Office Box. Its locked mailboxes located inside the post office. They are used by people who find them more convenient or more private than the regular service.
  • Wu Fei: And registered mail?
  • Herman: It offers extra safety for valuable mail for an additional fee. The post office insures such mail and keeps a careful record of it. The addressee must sign a receipt for it.
  • Wu Fei: All right, Herman. Thank you very much for the information.

Practice 11

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