English Grammar Software

How to make sure that every letter, article, report or email you compose is written in Perfect English? All in One GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION AND SPELL CHECK. The patent-pending English grammar and spell checking solution that works with all text based programs, and easily or automatically transforms your simple English sentences into expert work. English software for grammar checking and spelling correction purposes should always have a single aim – to help you to write better English. This English checking software is regarded among the finest English writing and editing solutions around and it's the final result of years of development by a leading team of Natural Language Processing software professionals and checking algorithm experts. Whether you simply want to create well–written emails to family and friends, or just need professional results for corporate and business settings, WhiteSmoke delivers. Its innovative grammar editing and correcting features are based on a dynamic, self-learning technology which constantly analyzes millions of documents and holds a growing proprietary dictionary database that permanently updates itself. Are you interested in seeing how it works? Click here to check it out.


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