English Drama: Jaka Tarub Steals her Love

(Opening music)
Narrator :
A long, long time ago, there was a very good-looking young man lived with his widowed mother in a small village. Jaka Tarub was his name. He was very courageous, wise, polite and off course … hmm … handsome.
He was always friendly to others and respected to old people. Everybody loved him. Even, his mother loved him very much. However, he wasn’t spoiled or snob. His hobby was hunting bird with ‘laser gun’
One day, he went to the forest in order to look for birds as much as possible. But, the atmosphere of the forest was very unusual. There were no birds at all. And he didn’t realize that he became far and far in the jungle. Because of his tiredness, he relaxed under the tree.
(Music of Jaka Tarub hunting birds with his laser gun)
JT     : Oh… shit! I cannot anything to be hunted. How poor I am today. How tired I am now. I wants to sleep here. Who knows there will be a wonderful thing happen here. (Aaaauuuuh…)
(Jaka Tarub is going asleep)
(Music of the angels flying down to the earth)
A1     : What a bright day!
A2     : I can’t stand to jump in the lake!
A3     : Yes, it’s really beautiful. I cannot believe. I could stay in a place that’s only in my dream.
A4     : The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the birds are chewing soundly.
A5     : Look at the water!  It’s very clear, I can see my face on it.
A1     : But, it’s pretty cold. Br …. Br …. Br ….!
A6     : Thanks to Gusti Allah for blessing us such a nice day!
A7     : Hi, Can we start to take a bath now?
All     : That’s a good idea!
A8     : Interruption!!! I’m allergic of mountain water. I am used to take bath in the bathtub with warm water and my private VIP swimming pool.
All     : Huuu … .
A9     : Suppose, you bring your own bathtub
(Music of the angels taking a bath)

(Jaka Tarub awakes up)
JT     : Am I dreaming. Wow, it’s my lucky day. I can find many beautiful girls swimming today. If I can get one of them as my wife, how lightful my life. Ckk …ckk … ckk … .

A10  : Luckily, I bring with me my shampoo merang and klerek. Who’s scare!
A11  : Who need ‘sepet’ and ‘amplas’ to scrub the skin. It will make your skin soft.
A6     : Wow, I can see Indonesia map on your back.
All     : Hii … .
A11  : Really? So you can study Geography on my back!

A1     : OK friends, it’s time for going back to khayangan!
A6     : Oh, there will be a telenovela on TV
A5     : So, hurry up! Don’t be late, I don’t want to miss this program.

A10  : Where is my dress? Oh, here it is!
A9     : And this is mine!
A3     : I cannot find my clothes!
A11  : Me too. Can you help me to find it?
A6     : Sorry, time is up.  Look for it by yourself!
A4     : Oh, …. How pity you are! But, I regret I can’t accompany you
A6     : Yes, because we will be punished by the god and the goddess
A1     : Nawangwulan, sorry we must leave now
A10  : Take care yourself carefully!

A1     : OK friends, let’s get dressed more quickly!
A11  : OK friends, are you ready? Let me check the attendance list.
            Number 1
A1     : Hoi … hoi .
A11  : Number 2
A2     : Ops … I’m ready!
A11  : Number 3
A3     : Present
A11  : Number 4
A4     : OK
A11  : Number 5
A5     : Yo’i
A11  : Number 6
A6     : Yap!
A11  : Number 7
A7     : I’m here
A11  : Number 8
A8     : OK
A11  : Number 9
A9     : Yap!
A11  : The last number
A10  : Hoi … !
A11  : Where is Nawang Wulan?
A12  : Ade’
A11  : Everybody, hurry up! Don’t be ‘usrek-usrek’ and ‘eker-ekeran’! Let’s fly! One, two, three, come on!
A3     : This is mine!
A6     : No, it’s mine!
A3     : No, this is mine!
A6     : It’s mine!
All     : Bye … bye … Wulan!
(The crying of Nawang Wulan)

(Music of sorrow)
NW   : Oh God, could you show me where my clothes is?
            How I can fly if I cannot find it

(Jaka Tarub appears and comes to Nawang Wulan)

JT     : (A little coughing) Hello, girl. What are you doing here. Alone in the jungle. Is there anything that I can help you?
NW   : (Wiping her tears quickly) Oh … Who are you?
JT     : OK, my name is Jaka Tarub. I’m from Tarub, a small village near here. And how are you?  
NW   : Well, actually, I am not human like you. I am an angel, my name is Nawang Wulan. My friends and I often come here to have bathing. But there is a trouble, I cannot find my clothes, so, my friends left me and I cannot fly to return in heaven
JT     : Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Meanwhile, you’re regretting your bad luck, why don’t you come to my house in Tarub. I live with my mother, you can live with us, but frankly, I expect more than that.
NW   : What do you expect from me?

JT     : Er …er …. will you marry with me?

NW   : Oh … !

JT     : I swear, we can live happily

NW   :(her cheeks arouse red, feeling ashamed) Oh … you expect too much from me. But I don’t have any choice. Okay, I accept your proposal, but first, can you give me clothes. I feel terrible cold.
JT     : Oh, I am glad to hear that. Here is the clothes! I am waiting for you over there
NW : Thank You

JT     : Have you?
NW   : Yes, I have.
JT     : Come on!

(They go home to Tarub village, Jaka Tarub’s house)

JT     : Mbok, mbok, I am home!
M      : Oh son, I start to worry about you. You went early in the morning and just be back late in the evening. Where were you going in a whole day? And who is the beautiful girl?
JT     : Mbok, this is Nawangwulan. Nawangwulan, this is my mother. Mbok, Nawangwulan is an angel. But she cannot return to the heaven because her clothes was disappeared. So, I offered her to live with us and I asked her to become my wife and she agreed.
M      : Really, oh thanks God for sending a beautiful girl for my son. I’m absolutely agreed with your idea. Oh, Nawangwulan, is all of this thing true?
Nw    : Yes, mbok. It’s true. I will be Jaka Tarub’s wife. Will you receive me to be your daughter in law?
M      : Off course, I am.  I feel happy and hope that your marriage will be eternal
NW + JT         : Oh, thank you, mbok!

Narator :
The next day, Jaka Tarub’s mother hold wedding party in her house. All of the villagers come and feel happy about the marriage. Except, all the girls in that village, they were broken heart, because there is no chance to be Jaka Tarub’s wife anymore. Nawangwulan, the bride, looks beautiful in her wedding suit, also does Jaka Tarub. He looks courageous. Both of them are extremely happy

(Rising up to the climax of the story)

Narator :
Time passed by, the harmonious couple live in a peaceful family, with a cuddly baby girl. However, it doesn’t take longer when a serious matter comes.
Nawangwulan, who is restless, starts to wonder about her lost shawl. Many questions come to her mind. She thinks it’s impossible if her clothes is just merely disappeared. So, she decided to observe her case. Many ways have been done; hiring a detective, reporting to the police and the last, going to the superstitious-man. Someone says that there is a fabulous superstitious-man in a neighborhood village. She is interested to go there.
(Nawang Wulan talks herself)

NW   : It’s impossible if my shawl was just disappeared. Where is it? Was there someone who stole it? I must find out about this.

(Nawang Wulan goes to the supertitious-man)

NW   : Excuse me, Mbah.
SM    : Yes, come in. Oh, my dear, beautiful lady. Is there a problem with you?
NW   : Yes, mbah. I need your help to know where was my scarf lost.
SM    : Hm … you go to the right man because I am a very fabulous superstitious-man. I know everything than the others. Good … good … . Let me check on this computer!
            Come on, dear. Is that you scarf?
NW   : That’s right, mbah. Is it on my paddy storage?
SM    : That’s right. Now, back home and find it! But don’t forget to pay me $ 1,00 first.
NW   : Don’t worry, mbah. See you.

(Setting : Paddy storage)

NW   : Where is my shawl? There will be here … oh, no. May be over there, oh, nothing here. May be over here, oh, here it is!

(A few minutes later, Jaka Tarub comes home)

JT     : Oh darling, … what’s going on?
NW   : Ask to yourself!
JT     : No … no … I don’t understand!
NW   : How can you do this to me! You stole and hide my shawl, didn’t you?
JT     : Oh, darling …. I’m sorry for being stupid like that. But, it’s because I love you and I need you!

NW   : No reasons at all! I will return to khayangan right now!

JT     : Could you give me a chance to correct my mistake? I’m so regret. I cannot live without you, also our daughter, darling.
NW   : Sorry honey,it’s too late. Having family with you is very amazing. But, we are different. Remember that! And keep our daughter well!

(To her daughter) : Sorry baby, mommy can’t bring up you, but mommy will always love you … . Good bye, darling, sorry.

(The lament of Jaka Tarub)
JT     : Oh, God. How poor I am! Nawang Wulan, why do you leave me alone? How I can stand if I live without you? Oh, dear, now you don’t have a mother anymore. We will be suffer. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … .

(Closing music)

The End


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